Here you can find answers to some common questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email info@austinassessment.org for help.


How do I get the Austin Assessment Apps?

Both the personal and professional app can be found in the App Store. Just start typing Austin Assessment into the search bar, or scan the QR code at the bottom of the page with your device.  

What age group does the Austin Assessment work for?

The test has been validated for children age between 5 and 18.

Can adults use the Austin Assessment?

We are working on validating the Austin Assessment for adults. Adults can take the test and put in their actual age, and the results will currently be compared with the 13-18 age group.

Can children under 5 use the Austin Assessment?

Currently the Austin Assessment is only validated for children 5-18. We are planning to validate it for children aged 3 and 4 in the future. Younger children can take the test and put in their actual age, and the results will currently be compared with the 5-8 age group.

The test is positive, what do I do?

Please see our results page for more information.

The test is negative but I still think the child has CVI, what do I do?

Did the child use the practice mode before the screening? If so please see below. Please see our results page for more information.

The child completed a practice round before screening, will this impact the results?

Yes, the difficulties may not be picked up if a child has practiced first, meaning you could get a false negative result (meaning a child’s visual issues related to CVI may not be picked up. If you let your child do a practice round prior to screening them (and have not screened them yet), leave it a week before going through the screening process. If you let your child do a practice round prior to screening them and the screening round was negative, although you were expecting it to be positive, leave it a week before going through the screening process again.


Can I get the Austin Assessment on my Andriod device?

Currently the Austin Assessment only runs on iPhones and iPads. We hope to make the assessment available on Android devices in the future.

There are TWO apps, which one should I use?

Parents / carers and others wanting to test a single child (or adult*):

Download the Austin Assessment App (the green one). You will receive five screenings. It looks like this in the App Store (shown in NZ $).

*The Austin Assessment has been validated for children aged 5-18. If you are over 18, the results will be compared to the 13-18 age group and therefore may not be accurate. However, the results will still provide you with information on how you are seeing.

Researchers, teachers and other professionals wanting to test multiple children.

Follow the instructions for the Austin Assessment Pro App. There are options to purchase packs of 50, 100 or 500 screenings with access to the professional tools for analysis if needed. It looks like this in the App Store:

What Device should I use for the Austin Assessment?

The Austin Assessment Apps work on iPhone and iPad that run on iOS 16 or later.

I have downloaded the app, but it is not loading.

  • Are you connected to the internet?
  • Does your device run on iOS 16 or later? Both the personal and professional Apps need at least iOS 16 to work.
  • Once you have downloaded the App, please ensure you run updates whenever they are sent out, as we will continue to develop and improve the App.

Does the device need to be connected to the internet to do a screening?

Yes, the device does need to be connected to the internet to be able to access and complete a screening.


I am a parent and I would like to assess my child, I have downloaded the free blue app and it is asking me for a username and password, what do I do?

You need the (green) Austin Assessment App. Do not create an account.  Delete the blue one, and download the green one.

My child has completed a screening and it has one or more orange asterix in the results, what do I do?

Please refer to our results page on the website for guidance on what to do if your child’s test is positive (i.e. shows one or more orange asterix). You may want to download the results page as a report to share with your child's teacher or other professional.


I am a professional and have purchased the green Austin Assessment app, does this give me access to the dashboard?

No. The Austin Assessment App has been designed for parents and individuals, it only allows users to screen and view results on the App. If you are a professional wanting to screen many children, you will need to download the blue Austin Assessment Pro App.

I am a professional and I have download the pro app, it is asking for a username and password, what do I do?

The pro app works with the Austin Assessment Dashboard where you need to create an account and can purchase screening packs. Once you have created an account here, return to the App and sign in with the same credentials you used to create the account.

How do I create an account for the pro app?

Go to the Austin Assessment dashboard page, enter your email and create a password, the name of your organisation, field and country. Once these steps are completed you will be on the home screen of your dashboard.  

How many people can use my organisation account?

Each organisation can add as many team members as they like, there is no limit. The screenings purchased by the account holder will be shared amongst all team members and once used, the account holder will need to purchase another screening pack from the top up page on the dashboard.

How do I purchase a screening pack?

  • Go to the top up page in your dashboard.
  • Choose either a 50, 100 or 500 screening pack and click buy.
  • This will take you to a secure page where you can pay for your screening pack using a credit card.
  • Once the process is complete, return to your dashboard and refresh your page. The screenings will show up on the homepage of your dashboard and be available for all team members to use.

I have purchased a screening pack, but they are not showing up on my dashboard?

  • Try refreshing the page.
  • Try logging out and in again.

If still no luck, please take a screenshot as proof you have purchased the screening pack, or let us know your name that will appear on the credit card transaction and email us info@austinassessment.org to let us know what has happened.

How many screening packs can we purchase at a time?

You can purchase as many screening packs as you like. These will all be loaded and shown on your dashboard and in your App.

I want to invite team members into my organisation account for the professional app, how do I do this?

  • Once you have created an account for your organisation, you can add team members on the Your Team page. There is an invite field, where you type in each person’s email (one at a time).
  • The person you invited will receive an email with a link asking them to create a new password. They need to follow the link and create a password for themselves.
  • The team member will then have a login to their own dashboard where they will see the screening results from the children they have screened.
  • The team member also needs to download the Pro App and use the same username and password they created for the dashboard to sign in. They will see the total number of screenings on the App that the organisation has purchased.

What is the difference between the account holder (super admin) of an organisation and a team member?

  • The person that set up the account for the organisation becomes the super admin. They have the ability to purchase screening packs and invite team members.
  • The super admins dashboard will show all screenings completed by team members, even those completed on different devices to the super admins.
  • An invited team member will only see the screenings they have completed on their device on their dashboard.


I am a researcher and would like to use the Austin Assessment as part of my research, is there a specific protocol I should follow?

When using the Austin Assessment for research, please follow the App guidelines for conducting screenings, the terms of use and the protocol used in the validation research.

I am a student researcher and would like to use the Austin Assessment as part of my research, but only have a small budget.

Please contact us at info@austinassessment.org and we will consider offering a discounted price for a screening pack. This will require proof of ethical approval for the research.

A tablet with the Austin Assessment app opened. The main menu shows Play, Scores, Results, and Options buttons.

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